Annals of the Sri Lanka Department of Agriculture

The Annals of ASDA contains the findings of the research studies conducted by DOA officials selected through a thorough reviewing process by ASDA editorial committee involving relevant subject matter experts from universities and other research organizations as independent reviewers. The editors of the Annals also working in collaboration with the editors of the Tropical Agriculturist (TA), a reputed peer-reviewed agricultural journal published by the DOA since 1881. Selected full papers will be considered for publication in TA. Annals also contained sort communications and abstracts of preliminary studies which were presented in the form of posters at the ASDA. Also, research news articles were included in Annals. The research studies included in Annals of ASDA covered evidence-based studies on all scientific aspects of agriculture including agronomy, plant breeding, agricultural economics, biotechnology, plant protection, agricultural extension, and many more related areas and conducted collaboratively by scientists and agriculturist of the DOA.