Annual Symposium of the Department of Agriculture - ASDA

Agricultural research has played a crucial role in increasing food production and will continue to play a major role in future as well. Science based agriculture is essential in enhancing food productivity while maintaining the sustainability of natural resources and the environment. The changing weather pattern, rainfall in particular has posed the biggest risk for the agriculture sector in Sri Lanka. Also, the increasing agricultural labour shortage due to growing reluctance of rural youth to engage in agriculture is another significant challenge towards the sustainability of Sri Lankan agriculture. In order to achieve current food production targets, a paradigm shift is needed from current conventional agriculture towards low water dependent agriculture involving drought tolerant varieties and mechanization. The impact of agricultural research in Sri Lanka is quite significant and visible. The Department of Agriculture (DOA), as the largest and most prominent agricultural research organization of the country provide scientists a forum to share their findings annually at the Annual Symposium of the Department of Agriculture (ASDA).